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What once started as a small company grew into a strong player with over 120 years of expertise in the agricultural and horticultural sector. Today Arvesta is Belgium's largest full-service partner for farmers and horticulturists with a strong international network that continues to grow. We are active in animal feed, agriculture and horticulture, machinery, flour and are known for our 200 Aveve shops and 3 Eurotuin shops, where pleasure grows.
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120 years of expertise in 3 domains

Arvesta is a house of more than 40 strong brands, active in agriculture, horticulture, pet food and retail.

Thanks to more than 120 years of expertise, we offer the best solutions to our customers around the world. We advise them and together we build the agriculture of tomorrow, thanks to our smart farming solutions, innovations and sustainable solutions.

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We care, We act

Together with a working group of sustainability ambassadors, Arvesta has formulated an overall sustainability vision  based on the Arvesta mission. With concrete ambitions in 3 pillars we focus on farmers, growers, the planet as well as our employees and consumers. Together with more than 50 of our experts, we have translated these ambitions into 36 commitments. From these commitments, 10 ambitious priorities were then launched in which major steps have already been taken. 'We care, We act' is our leitmotif.
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Sustainably building the agriculture of the future

Every day, we provide the sustainable and fresh food on your plate. From seed to harvest, our Experts in the field guide the entire process from start to finish, meticulously and with passion. With the right advice and thanks to our innovative solutions for changing challenges, farmers and market gardeners are now growing efficiently and with respect for our planet. Together with them, we are building the agriculture of tomorrow in a sustainable way. Curious about our sustainable solutions and innovations?

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Our strong brands

Arvesta is a house of more than 40 strong brands. Together we are one company with one policy, where all activities take place under the same umbrella. This makes us stronger in the market and we can offer our customers the best service.

Will you soon be helping to build the agriculture of the future? Then take a look at our jobs page!

Arvesta is a story of passionate people. Every day our 2300 Experts in the field work together towards the same goal: shaping the agriculture of tomorrow.

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