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Agriculture and Horticulture

Arvesta assists the agricultural and horticultural farmer throughout the entire harvesting process: from the sale of seeds, fertilizers and crop protection to the storage and purchase of grain and other crops. Each of our strong brands is specialized in one or more links. So our customers can always rely on real expertise. Furthermore, good and reliable machinery is vital for the modern farmer. Arvesta has the experts in house in the Agriculture and Horticulture expertise domain to provide you with the latest state-of-the-art agricultural machinery or garden equipment from the legendary John Deere brand. Whether you are a professional agricultural or horticulturalist or a passionate garden hobbyist.

"With our innovative agricultural and horticultural solutions, we help farmers to produce more efficiently and sustainably. Thanks to our years of expertise and pioneering smart farming techniques, we are the market leader in the sector today and we continue to invest strongly in the agriculture of tomorrow. Agri Horti is ready for the future!"

Niek Depoorter, BU Director Agri & Horti

Innovations in the spotlight

HASPARGIT, circular fertiliser with especially positive impact on CO2

HASPARGIT is an innovative fertiliser for arable farming, which is mainly used in the cultivation of potatoes, vegetables and beets. The innovation lies in this: Haspargit saves the energy required to produce a tradional fertiliser. , Haspargit is indeed not a classic fertiliser but a circular product produced with residual flows from the food industry.

1.2 billion litres of water saved with the Mobile Gully System (MGS)

Today, with our 60 ha of MGS, we save no less than 1.2 billion litres of water worldwide compared to traditonal cultivation. The Mobile Gully System (MGS) recycles the maximum of water, namely 90%, the remaining 10% is absorbed by the plant. Thanks to the Nutrient Film Technique, all plants receive exactly the nutrition they need. MGS is therefore a perfect example of a successful marriage between high-end technology and horticulture!

Sustainable precision technology on the tractor

Precision agriculture technology today includes a super-precise (down to 2 cm) GPS system, a self-steering system for agricultural vehicles, section control of seeders, fertiliser spreaders and field sprayers, and site-specific crop monitoring and yield measurement. In the future, data - yield measurements, positioning, machine data ... - will help further refine agriculture.