Animal Nutrition

At Arvesta, no animal is forgotten. Thanks to all our strong brands in animal nutrition everyone finds the right product for their animals. From professional livestock farmers to zookeepers and hobbyists. Our experts know what is right and work with the customers to find the ideal menu for their animals. In addition to the pure feed activities, we are also strongly active in feed additives through Aveve Biochem and Palital.

"Thanks to our high-quality feed and the expertise of our people, we are the market leader in the sector. With pioneering feed concepts such as Euroclim and Taintstop, we want to lead the way in sustainability and innovation and promote animal welfare. In this way we contribute to a greener Europe and help farmers grow in a sustainable way."

- Dirk Van Thielen, BU Director Animal Nutrition

Innovations in the spotlight


With the Euroclim feed, farmers produce the tastiest piece of meat at the lowest ecological footprint. The feed reduces methane emissions in beef cattle up to 30% and in dairy cattle up to 9%.


With Taintstop, Dumoulin developed an animal-friendly world first! Thanks to this pig feed, the meat of male pigs has no longer an unpleasant boar smell and castration is unnecessary. Moreover, it is completely antibiotics-free!

Carbon Farming

Farmers can help to control CO2 emissions in two ways: they can work to emit less CO2 and/or they can store more CO2. Carbon farming are farming practices that contribute to this.

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