Our innovations and solutions in the spotlight

At Arvesta, we work - from Field to Future - to build a future-proof company. Arvesta, that's 40 strong brands building the agriculture of tomorrow with realistic and innovative solutions.

Innovations in animal nutrition


With the Euroclim feed, farmers produce the tastiest piece of meat at the lowest ecological footprint. The feed reduces methane emissions in beef cattle up to 32% and in dairy cattle up to 9%.


With Taintstop, Dumoulin developed an animal-friendly world first! Thanks to this pig feed, the meat of male pigs has no longer an unpleasant boar smell and castration is unnecessary. Moreover, it is completely antibiotics-free!

Certified Soya

By using sustainable and locally grown soy in our feed and looking for other sources of protein in Europe, we are helping to reduce deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. It is our ambition to use only 100% certified soy by 2026.

Innovations in agri- and horticulture

HASPARGIT, circular fertiliser with especially positive impact on CO2

HASPARGIT is an innovative fertiliser for arable farming, which is mainly used in the cultivation of potatoes, vegetables and beets. The innovation lies in this: Haspargit saves the energy required to produce a tradional fertiliser. , Haspargit is indeed not a classic fertiliser but a circular product produced with residual flows from the food industry.

14 billion litres of water saved with the Mobile Gully System (MGS14)

14 billion litres of water saved with the Mobile Gully System (MGS14) Today, with our MGS, we save no less than 14 billion litres of water worldwide compared to traditonal cultivation. The Mobile Gully System (MGS) recycles the maximum of water, namely 90%, the remaining 10% is absorbed by the plant. Thanks to the Nutrient Film Technique, all plants receive exactly the nutrition they need. MGS is therefore a perfect example of a successful marriage between high-end technology and horticulture!

Sustainable precision technology on the tractor

Precision agriculture technology today includes a super-precise (down to 2 cm) GPS system, a self-steering system for agricultural vehicles, section control of seeders, fertiliser spreaders and field sprayers, and site-specific crop monitoring and yield measurement. In the future, data - yield measurements, positioning, machine data ... - will help further refine agriculture.

Retail innovations

Local: plants, flour and food

With 200 Aveve and 3 Eurotuin shops, Arvesta is a major player in the retail market. From animal care and gardening products to flour for those baking at home, the range is wide and very local with as many products and delicacies from local farmers as possible.

Circularity is in our DNA from raw material to packaging

By 2023, Arvesta could already ensure that all of Aveve, Niamh and Soezie flour packages are made of 100% recyclable monoplastic film. But that's not all. We are also reviewing all our other packaging to ensure that they meet the required European standards. We do not take this lightly, because a more ecological packaging must not compromise the convenience or product quality and must be compatible with our packaging lines.

Best Retail Chain in Belgium - 4 years in a row

We are the largest retail chain for garden, animal and food in Belgium: we manage Aveve shops ourselves and work with an extensive network of enthusiastic franchisees. Offering our customers always the best service is key to us. Hence why Aveve was voted Best Retail Chain in Belgium for the fourth time in a row, across all categories.