Our innovations and solutions in the spotlight

At Arvesta we are building a company that is ready for the future. A house of strong brands that wants to support its customers in the agriculture of tomorrow and all the challenges that come with it.

"We keep innovation high on the agenda at Arvesta. Together with our 200 engineers and other employees, we want to be a pioneer in smartfarming and today we are working on different solutions that support our farmers, gardeners and customers."

Eric Lauwers, CEO Arvesta

Innovations in animal nutrition


With the Euroclim feed, farmers produce the tastiest piece of meat at the lowest ecological footprint. The feed reduces methane emissions in beef cattle up to 30% and in dairy cattle up to 15%.


TAINTSTOP is the only hassle-free, nutritional alternative to piglet castration that is 100% compliant with European law. It is the answer to a welfare and environmentally friendly solution that does not need much labour, time or financial investment. This award winning in-feed solution not only reduces boar taint, it is also a risk-free alternative for the farmer and is perfectly acceptable to consumers who want healthy, tasty pork. Furthermore, it guarantees animal welfare as surgical, and often painful, castration is no longer needed.

Carbon farming

Farmers can help control CO2 emissions in two ways: they can aim to emit less CO2 with their activity and/or they can store more CO2. Carbon farming are farming practices that contribute to storing CO2.

Innovations in agri- and horticulture

Saving 1.2 billion liters of water with the Mobile Gutter System (MGS)

Today, with our 60 ha of MGS, we save no less than 1.2 billion liters of water worldwide compared to conventional cultivation. The mobile gutter system (MGS) recycles the maximum of water, namely 90%, the remaining 10% is absorbed by the plant. Thanks to the Nutrient Film Technique, all plants receive exactly the nutrition they need. MGS is therefore a perfect example of a successful marriage between high-end technology and horticulture!

Certified Soya

By using sustainable and locally grown soy in our feed and looking for other sources of protein in Europe, we are helping to reduce deforestation of the Amazon forest. It is our ambition to use only 100% certified soy by 2026.

Thanks to HASPARGIT we achieve an annual CO2 reduction equivalent to the annual emissions of 10000 cars

HASPARGIT is an innovative fertilizer for crop farming, which is mainly used in the cultivation of potatoes, vegetables and beets. The innovation lies in this: Haspargit saves the energy required for the production of a conventional fertilizer. After all, Haspargit is not a classic fertilizer but a circular product produced with residual flows from the food industry.

Retail innovations

Sustainable monoplastic packaging at Aveve flour, Soezie and Niamh

Together with the switch to the new packaging design, by 2023 100% of Aveve Bloem's packages of bread and baking mixes will be packed with the new, recyclable monoplastic film. The baking mixes of brands Niamh and Soezie will also be in 100% recyclable packaging by then.

Belgian at Aveve: plants, flowers and food

At Aveve, the customer comes in and goes out through Belgian rayons: 85% of all plants and flowers are of Belgian origin; in our "local market", the fruit and vegetables come from growers right here in Belgium, which even vary from store to store, each store working with local farmers; 90% of Aveve's "Rural Delights" rayon is Belgian.

Belgium's best retail chain for pet and garden for 14 years

We are Belgium's largest retail chain for garden, animal and food and we offer our customers the best service. For example, Aveve has been Belgium's Best Retailer for Pet and Garden for 14 years in a row and we were also voted Best Retailer of Belgium in 2020 and 2021. We manage 50 Aveve stores ourselves and we also work with an extensive network of 200 enthusiastic franchisees.

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