Wie zijn we

Who we are?

Arvesta is the largest full-service partner for the Belgian farmers and horticulturists with an international presence in the Netherlands, France and Germany. We are active in animal nutrition, agriculture and horticulture, machinery, flour and are known for our 250 Aveve shops and 3 Eurotuin shops, where pleasure grows. With over 120 years of expertise in agriculture and horticulture, we offer the best solutions to our customers around the world. We advise them and build with them the agriculture of tomorrow.

Executive commitee

Board of Directors

A house of 2000 experts

Together with our 2,000 experts and more than 40 strong brands, we are a pioneer in the agricultural sector. We are a centre of expertise that we expand every day. For and by our customers. In our own Aveve shops too, consumers can count on our agricultural knowledge with a wide range of garden, animal and food products.

Growth thanks to driven Aveve managers

Arvesta operates with more than 250 Aveve shops and agricultural centres throughout Belgium. In this extensive network it can count, in addition to the 50 shops it owns, on 200 driven Aveve managers with knowledge of the trade. Thanks to this decisive network of agricultural centres and shops, Arvesta is a leader both in the agricultural sector and in the retail market. As an independent entrepreneur the franchisee is the trusted representative of local farmers, horticulturalists and consumers for a complete and wide range of quality products. Together with them Arvesta continues to grow every day.

A well thought-out franchise formula that works!

Arvesta offers various formulas to build the future with as a franchisee. At the Aveve agricultural centres, professional farmers and horticulturalists can find a wide range of products with customer-oriented service. As a franchisee of an AVEVE shop, you bring the passion for gardening, animals and baking to the consumer. Arvesta is always looking for new ambitious and talented candidates to strengthen its sales network and to succeed existing franchisees. Would you like to become an Aveve manager yourself? Then be sure to contact us at franchise@aveve.be, call 016/24 27 90 or surf to www.aveveagrarisch.be.

Head Quarters
Philipssite 5, bus 3
3001 Leuven

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Aarschotsesteenweg 84
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CBC 0737.818.127 RPR Leuven

tel +32 16 24 26 26

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