We value quality and sell products we want to buy ourselves. As a market leader, we are a company of experts, driven by a passion for our strong brands. We offer expertise and advice to our customers and are true partners who bring a total solution.


We have integrity, keep our promises and do not take shortcuts We work ethically, honestly and transparently. We keep our promises and do not take shortcuts. We believe in hard work and common sense.


We grow to make our customers grow We stand up for better farm profits every day and share our agricultural expertise with consumers. Our staff are experts at what they do and provide the service that comes with market leadership.


We are a team, because we work and celebrate success together. Together with a strong team, we achieve results no one ever dreamed of. We fight together and win together. Alone we can go fast, but as a team we go the extra mile.

Focus on the customer

We say what we do and do what we say We "walk the talk" and communicate transparently and consistently with our employees, customers and suppliers. We take responsibility and keep looking for solutions.


We find a way or we make one We drive change, have an open mind, dare and innovate. We achieve short-term results and realise long-term dreams. In doing so, we keep focus on the priorities and use simplification and specialisation as guidelines in everything we do.

Head Quarters
Philipssite 5, bus 3
3001 Leuven

Registered office
Aarschotsesteenweg 84
3012 Leuven

CBC 0737.818.127 RPR Leuven

tel +32 16 24 26 26

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