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What does our retail business unit stand for?

In our Retail Business Unit we bring quality products to the end consumer. With 250 Aveve stores and agricultural centers as well as 3 Eurotuin stores, Arvesta operates across Belgium. This extensive network can count on 200 passionate and knowledgeable Aveve managers in addition to the 50 owned Aveve stores. As an independent entrepreneur, the franchisee is the trusted point of contact for local farmers, horticulturalists and consumers for a complete and wide range of quality products. Together with them, Arvesta continues to grow every day. Aveve is also the market leader in Belgium in the sale of flour and flour mixes to consumers. We also distribute Niamh, inspiring bread and baking mixes with a worldly touch, and Soezie, with whom we have been developing and producing high-quality flour and flour mixes for over 100 years.

"We want to offer consumers sustainable and quality products. That's why we work with a short chain in our Aveve stores and why we continuously innovate in our own flour R&D center. Moreover, we want to offer consumers a total package. We have grown into a real inspiration place for garden, animal and food and offer our customers tips & tricks to do it themselves at home. With us, pleasure grows!"

- Stefan De Clercq, BU Director Retail

Innovaties in the spotlight

Belgian at Aveve: plants, flowers and food

At Aveve, the customer comes in and goes out through Belgian rayons: 85% of all plants and flowers are of Belgian origin; in our "local market", the fruit and vegetables come from growers right here in Belgium, which even vary from store to store, each store working with local farmers; 90% of Aveve's "Rural Delights" rayon is Belgian.

Belgium's best retail chain for pet and garden for 14 years

We are Belgium's largest retail chain for garden, animal and food and we offer our customers the best service. For example, Aveve has been Belgium's Best Retailer for Pet and Garden for 14 years in a row and we were also voted Best Retailer of Belgium in 2020 and 2021. We manage 50 Aveve stores ourselves and we also work with an extensive network of 200 enthusiastic franchisees.

Sustainable monoplastic packaging at Aveve flour, Soezie and Niamh

Together with the switch to the new packaging design, by 2023 100% of Aveve Bloem's packages of bread and baking mixes will be packed with the new, recyclable monoplastic film. The baking mixes of brands Niamh and Soezie will also be in 100% recyclable packaging by then.

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