Rianne Covens van Tilburg | Director

Rianne runs a dairy farm in Brecht (Antwerp), together with her husband Dirk and son Jan. Their other son, Bart, rears heifer calves up to 7 months at another location. The family’s two other children, Christel and Tom, still sometimes offer a hand, but have jobs outside the family business.

For Rianne, circular economy is incredibly important. On her own farm, she tries to complete the cycle as much as possible by, for example, growing all roughage on the farm herself, namely grass, grass-clover, maize and fodder beet, as well as winter wheat for her own consumption.

Head Quarters
Aarschotsesteenweg 80
3012 Wilsele

Registered office
Aarschotsesteenweg 84
3012 Leuven

CBC 0737.818.127 RPR Leuven

tel +32 16 24 26 26