Supplier code of conduct

Arvesta is the full-service partner for farmers and horticulturists with the largest retail chain, where pleasure grows.At Arvesta, we wish to shape the agriculture and horticulture of the future through our expertise and through sustainable, innovative smartfarming solutions, to enable our farmers and horticulturists to grow and to maintain a strong position in a global market. Our actions are based on cultural values (quality, integrity, leadership, team spirit, customer focus and entrepreneurship). We expect you, as our supplier, to subscribe to the same values and to contribute to our mission by maintaining the highest professional, ethical and sustainable standards under all circumstances. This Supplier Code of Conduct contains the practical guidelines to achieve that objective.



The Supplier Code of Conduct provides guidelines for the behaviour that we expect from you as a supplier with regard to 3 domains: peopleour business relationshipsociety

To whom does it apply?

The Supplier Code of Conduct shall apply to all suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, along with their affiliated companies and agents, or other employees who have a relationship with Arvesta and with its affiliated companies, hereinafter collectively referred to as Arvesta.As a supplier, you shall take this into account when choosing your partners, subcontractors and other parties to work with, and shall require them to also subscribe to the Supplier Code of Conduct.


The basic principle every supplier has to fulfil is to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. If (local) regulations impose more stringent conditions than this Supplier Code of Conduct, the supplier will comply with the stricter standard. By acting as an Arvesta supplier, you undertake to comply with the guidelines as contained in this Supplier Code of Conduct.

The supplier in relation to people

Own employees and co-contractors

The supplier shall treat its employees with respect for human rights and in conformity with all applicable laws.

The supplier shall not tolerate either child labour or forced labour.

The supplier’s employees shall enjoy correct, healthy and safe working conditions, fair working hours as well as appropriate remuneration.

The supplier shall take sufficient measures to protect employees against violations of these rules.

Arvesta employees

If there is a (potential) conflict of interest, the supplier shall report this to Arvesta before any business relationship is entered into.

Arvesta employees may accept gifts only insofar as they do not exceed the limit of 50 euros per annum and do not involve illegal or (sexually) inappropriate gifts, or gifts that could damage Arvesta's reputation.

Arvesta employees may only accept invitations to events insofar as they do not exceed the usual tickets for such events, without exceeding the annual limit of 50 euros applicable to the same, and furthermore, that such events cannot damage Arvesta's reputation.

Invitations to trade fairs and conferences may be accepted.


The supplier shall treat its own employees and those of Arvesta with respect and dignity.

Discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion, political affiliation, union membership, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, social or ethnic origin, age or disability is unacceptable.

Arvesta has zero tolerance for bullying, (sexual) intimidation, aggression, violence or threats of violence.

The supplier in relation to our partnership

Arvesta wishes to grow in an honest and professional manner and expects the same attitude from its suppliers. Constructive communication and mutual respect are the foundation on which the partnership is based.

Choice of supplier

Arvesta chooses its suppliers on the basis of a set of relevant decision-making factors, including price, quality, delivery time, safety, service, reputation, as well as sustainability, socioeconomic, social and environmental aspects and, in general, adherence to this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Corruption, bribery and money laundering

Arvesta expects that its suppliers shall neither be involved in or participate in any form of corruption (the performance of any act or attempt to do so, wherein a person proposes an advantage with the aim of obtaining a certain behaviour or, conversely, accepts an advantage in return for a certain requested behaviour), bribery (e.g. giving or receiving bribes or kickbacks, whether through intermediaries or otherwise), or money laundering or tax evasion.


Arvesta's suppliers shall not commit fraud and shall take the necessary initiatives to prevent and to combat any form of fraud (any act or attempt to do so to obtain an undue advantage, whether in favour of the fraudster or of a third party).

Protection of personal data

The supplier shall only use, share and process the personal data of Arvesta, its employees and business contacts for legitimate purposes, and always in conformity with all the applicable provisions of the law. This data shall not be retained for longer than is legally permissible.

Competition - fair competition

Suppliers shall act in a fair manner, including in relationships with competitors. They shall comply with all competition and fair competition regulations. Among other things, they shall refrain from making agreements with competitors concerning prices, customer or territory allocations, production restrictions or bidding processes. Suppliers shall not exchange strategic information or intentions relating to future prices or quantities with competitors.

(Product) safety and quality

The supplier shall only supply products that meet the highest quality and safety standards. Product safety also relates to instructions for use, labelling and maintenance.

The supplier shall strictly comply with the safety procedures applicable on Arvesta's sites.

(Intellectual) property of Arvesta

If, in connection with the cooperation with Arvesta, the supplier comes into contact with or obtains access to Arvesta's company materials, it shall only use the same for the execution of its order. The supplier shall take measures to prevent theft, loss, misuse, damage or destruction.

If the supplier obtains access to Arvesta's ICT materials, it shall subscribe to and comply with Arvesta's ICT Code of Conduct.

The supplier shall respect Arvesta’s intellectual property rights. It shall not use Arvesta's logo or name without Arvesta's prior consent.


The supplier shall maintain the confidentiality of all business information of Arvesta (such as, among other things, technical, operational, financial and strategic information) that comes to its knowledge in connection with its relationship with Arvesta. The supplier shall limit the use thereof to whatever is required in connection with the implementation of the cooperation. The supplier shall not disclose either the existence of the cooperation, or the confidential information, except with Arvesta’s prior written consent.

Integrity of documents and financial information

The supplier shall ensure that all transactions with Arvesta are accurately, correctly, completely and verifiably recorded in the required books and company documents, and that such documents are retained properly and in accordance with the statutory retention periods.

The supplier in relation to society


Sustainable agriculture and horticulture, sustainable business and care for our people and consumers. These are the three pillars that are the focus of Arvesta’s sustainability policy. Arvesta has undertaken the initiative to be a sustainable, innovative partner for the farmer, horticulturist and the consumer of the future, by 2025. Arvesta therefore expects every supplier to contribute to Arvesta's sustainability policy.

More information about Arvesta's sustainability policy may be found in the Arvesta Activity Report, which may be consulted at

The supplier shall accord high value to sustainability and shall be willing to share information about its own sustainability policy and actions with Arvesta.


The supplier shall comply with all applicable environmental regulations. It has an eye for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient alternatives, whether in production or in e.g. waste management and water use.

Business continuity

The supplier shall aim to have policies and plans in place to prevent or at least limit exposure to and damage as a result of pandemics, terrorism, crime, disasters, etc.



By signing the Supplier Code of Conduct or including it as an annex to an agreement or general terms and conditions, the supplier subscribes to this Supplier Code of Conduct and undertakes to comply with it.


In case the Supplier has any questions concerning the content of this Supplier Code of Conduct, it may contact its business contact or at


The supplier shall allow Arvesta to carry out reasonable checks concerning the supplier's compliance with this Supplier Code of Conduct, among other things by means of a company visit or by requesting information. The Supplier shall provide its constructive cooperation in this regard.


If Arvesta finds that the supplier fails to comply with the provisions of this Supplier Code of Conduct, Arvesta shall enter into discussions with the supplier concerning the same with a view to defining corrective measures to be implemented within a reasonable period of time. In case such violations are repeated, or in case of failure to implement corrective measures within the stipulated period, or in serious cases, Arvesta may terminate the relationship with the supplier with immediate effect.

In case of violations that can be criminally sanctioned, Arvesta shall lodge complaints with the police or the investigating court.