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We act, We care

Arvesta has formulated an overall sustainability vision together with a taskforce of sustainability ambassadors based on the Arvesta mission. With concrete ambitions in 3 pillars we focus on farmers, growers, the planet as well as our employees and consumers. Together with more than 50 of our experts, we have translated these ambitions into 36 commitments. From these commitments, 10 ambitious priorities were then launched in which major steps have already been taken. We Act, We Care' is our leitmotif. That these are not just ambitions is clear from the 17 stories with numerous achievements and actions that you can read in the activity report.

Our sustainability vision  

By 2025 Arvesta will be more than ever the sustainable and innovative partner for the farmer, horticulturist and consumer of the future. 

Our ambition 

Our ambition by 2025 is for Arvesta to be the sustainability leader for darmers, growers and consumers through each of the 3 sustainability pillars.

3 pillars on which our sustainability vision is based

Developing sustainable agriculture and horticulture

We offer the most sustainable and innovative solutions and services that guarantee the profitability of farmers and horticulturists. This is how Arvesta builds the agri- and horticulture of the future together with its customers and partners.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

We work together with our employees, partners and customers on solutions and services that are sustainable, safe and of high quality.

Caring for our people and consumers

We work together for the well-being and safety of our employees. We strive for the best customer experience through our expertise and are committed to sustainable consumption.

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