Discover the 5 possible tracks

Explore what makes you tick in various assignments across multiple departments. Serving several brands of Arvesta, a 100% Belgian company with international strongholds.


We get up every day to grow together with our farmers and growers and to enable them to maximise their profitability. And we take this seriously. We assist our customers with advice and assistance. We listen to their needs and provide appropriate advice. As a young graduate in Sales you learn the tricks of the trade in how to build lasting relationships with farmers. You advise them on how to purchase the best products for their business. As a Sales young grad you get energy from traveling from here to there and meeting new people. You flourish when you meet new customers and when you make the customers happy. In addition to the sales part, you get really excited about thinking strategically about how we can serve our customer even better, and thus optimize our turnover.

Supply chain management

Do you get all excited about optimizing processes? Do you dream at night about a perfectly streamlined production process? As a young graduate in Supply Chain you work on our various production sites to achieve these goals! You think strategically about what can be improved and how to do that. You make good connections with the plant managers and our Experts in the field, and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty. Depending on your project, you will mainly spend your time on our sites in Antwerp, Wilsele, Aalter... and you will occasionally visit our head office in Leuven (if only for the fun afterworks).

Central services

Are you fascinated by innovation and sustainability? Do you think it is important that processes run smoothly to support our business? As a young graduate trainee in Central Services, you contribute to the smooth running of our organisation and contribute to a sustainable agriculture of the future. Our head office in Leuven will become your second home, but you will also pass by on other sites in Flanders and Wallonia, and maybe even the Netherlands, France or Germany. Your direct colleagues can be in various teams: Finance, HR, Innovation, Marketing, Accounting... You name it! You learn a lot in the short term and experience what Arvesta really stands for.


With a great product comes great publicity. Our products deserve the best packaging and advertising. As a young graduate in Marketing and Communication you will learn everything about how enter the market with our products and how to communicate about them. You think along about strategic concepts such as influencer marketing, social media advertising, communication tools and much more. You get to know our three business units inside and out. You will be engaged in projects within Retail, Animal Nutrition and Agri-Horti. Depending on the project, you don't mind exchanging your spot at our head office in Leuven for sites at home and abroad.


Do you know your local Aveve by heart? Do you drive half an hour detour to pass Eurotuin? Are you fascinated by retail and everything that goes with it? As a young graduate in Retail you get to know the ins and outs of our stores. You carry out strategic, ambitious projects that will further grow our retail business unit. An extensive onboarding, in which you also spend a few weeks in our shops as a Customer Advisor, cannot be missed! Your colleagues are equally fascinated by retail, and are in different teams such as marketing, finance, procurement, communication... and so on!

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