Stefaan Gheeraert | Director

Stefaan Gheeraert is a self-employed chicory and strawberry producer in Poperinge (West Flanders). Stefaan runs Frachibel with his wife Chantal Lemahieu, along with his son Edouard. He also has two daughters, Rachelle and Aimee.

Frachibel is a pure family business, with Stefaan being the fourth generation to be actively farming.

Frachibel is short for ‘Fraises’ (strawberries), ‘Chicons’ (chicory) and ‘Belge’ (Belgian). As such, Stefaan grows both chicory and strawberries on his farm. This is a good combination, with the two harvest periods aligning themselves perfectly, while also rendering the family's work most varied.

In 1996, Stefaan started growing open field strawberries, before switching to substrate strawberries in 2010.

Head Quarters
Aarschotsesteenweg 80
3012 Wilsele

Registered office
Aarschotsesteenweg 84
3012 Leuven

CBC 0737.818.127 RPR Leuven
tel +32 16 24 26 26